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This weekend, I have been making some fun crafting projects for a friend of mine and her mother. I love creating projects for those who love and appreciate them. There’s nothing more satisfying than having someone ask if I can make something for them. It’s the greatest compliment ever!

Today, I took a break and my family and I headed to the mountains. I love that we can drive and hour and a half and be in the deep forest. My kids are so much fun when we go out into the “Wild” as they say. The moments we have are priceless! We laugh and laugh. My husband and I have to hold back the laughter because of the comments our kids make. My daughter and I were walking up to a place called Silver Lake. It was beautiful! But, my 5-year-old says “Mom, this is the dirtiest water I have ever seen! Look at all the dirt in the bottom. This is disgusting! Let’s get out of here!!!” She then stomped away with disgust. I laughed and laughed.She was so serious. I tried to explain to her that the dirt belonged at the bottom, but she wasn’t having it. I love life’s moments like this.

I made a similar ‘HOME’ project for the company I work for. I took wood blocks, painted, and put on to a piece of canvas-plywood. I then applied vinyl to the blocks and hung on my wall. I love how it turned out!